The four things that psychologists are confident will ultimately determine how you can decide your future

If you ever wanted a sure way to determine your future then you’re in for a treat. Leading studies show that all successful people took these four steps at one point in their lives whether they knew it or not.

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The four things that psychologists are confident will ultimately determine how you can decide your future
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Psychologists are always talking. They have an opinion on everything.

But though I rarely agree with their every philosophy on life, I do agree with this truth; – That our lives are a product of our actions, That altering the decisions we take now can determine how our future may unfold, That ultimately we can decide it all.
And as fate will have it, studies support these statements as accurate.
This post is intended to be an attempt at unpacking for you the four things that psychologists are hell-bent on as leading determinants for a person’s future, on this big, blue ball we call home.
Let's break them down, so you can apply it too:

1. That one big decision to go all in.

This I learned from Dan Koe.
Dan theorises that everyone everywhere has to make a singular life-altering decision about what passion they’re willing to stake their life on. He calls this the “One Big Decision” to go all in.
He understands that success in all spheres of life takes time, but understanding what your one obsession is, is key to it. You’ll need to expose yourself to experience (not distraction, yes there’s a difference) to find the thing you are obsessed with.
He argues that you don't have an obsession because you haven't made forward progress to become aware of it. Although you know it exists, you haven’t adopted the problem-solver mindset to find it.
And that’s where the difference lies between successful people and those who never achieve success as they want to. They deny themselves of the experiences necessary to unlocking their one great obsession, and drilling down deep on it. That's what all successful people do.
So here’s what you’ll do:
  •  you’re going to develop a problem-solver outlook on life. You’ll dedicate your life’s existence to solving problems.
  • you’ll start with the biggest problem in your life. Beginning with the simplest shallowest problems, and further into those deep-reaching ones.
  • you’ll be completely honest, and open with yourself as you answer the questions behind these problems (Do you struggle to wake up to go work? Are you tired and demotivated all the time? Are you plagued and tormented with not having enough all time?) They could be uncomfortable, but don’t avoid them.
Because until you can find out what gets you ticking, that singular pain-point, you may never discover what your true obsession is, nor how to go all in on it. Granted, it takes a lot of effort and exploration. Yet, if you are truly passionate about something, the decision to go all in is an easy one.
Start today or regret that you didn't later.

2. Repetitive-focused action.

Once you have a goal (a problem to solve) you need to learn how to solve it. This is obvious. It requires you taking the next step towards acquiring the knowledge to solve it. The internet is your best friend. Use it. Buy books, courses, whatever knowledge you have to fill your mind with to solve the problem.
While you are learning, you will gather:
  • The fundamentals
  • Clarity on what to do
  • Motivation to execute
And why is this important for you? Because with time, you will develop a habit of results-generating actions.
You’ll discover that your default state will be progress, even when you feel bad. Even when it doesn’t appear worth it, because you’ll have clarity for why you do what you do in the first place.
That truth changed my life. It made so much sense. Action without clarity is limited in potential impact.
Every successful person discovered the “miracle of habit” through this method of seeking out actions that solved problems.
When you are lost, learn. When you have clarity, act.

3. The ability to persist and iterate.

Dan said, we don't want to always rely on motivation. Motivation is a feeling, and you can act regardless of how you feel.
Of a certainty, It will be difficult to form the habits. It will be difficult to keep at something when the going gets tough. Heck, you will be tested. It isn't "supposed" to be any other way. If it was everyone else would be doing it.
It’s a shame to rush through it just because it hurts a little. Conclusive studies have shown that people who persist and push with consistency like crazy often achieve their results. Success often demands you work hard until you achieve that result.
Further still is the need for reflection. Reflection is a must. As you may need to understand which step are you at, what is not working, what is the appropriate level to push with, etc. Action + reflection = growth
Avoid complicating life. Our life is an iteration of learning and action. Double down on what works, with persistence and clarity. See failure as feedback, to iterate, and push again.
The master has failed more times than the apprentice has even tried.

4. The community you surround yourself with

The choices you make, the people you surround yourself with, and the effort you put in will determine your success. This is the sum of life.
Here’s my take; we are inevitably the product of our environment. Who you are surrounded by is by far a surer determinant of success than any other quality. It’s not how hard we work alone. It’s how hard we work in the right places. Doors open from there.
Western society seems hell-bent on glorifying the grind, but none of us are islands. Our community and our outside influences, greatly contribute to our future, and its success.
Every truthfully successful person will tell you about the power of mentorship and guidance, and community. You may start out alone, but soon you’ll pick up a following, a tribe, a community, and that exponentially increases outcome and value.
Deliberately buildout your community. A group of likeminded, even more successful company, and before long you’ll have no option than to be like them.
Do not be deceived; evil company corrupts good manners


If you ever wanted a sure way to determine your future, leading studies show that all successful people took these four steps at one point in their lives whether they knew it or not. And by doing same you can confidently determine how successful your future will turnout.
Here’s how:
  1. Your singular big decision to go all in
  1. Focused repeat actions
  1. Persistence and Iteration
  1. Your immediate community
“Invest in your portfolio of failures until you can afford to succeed.”


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