Studies show that the 10 Colourful “Color Wave” Wallpaper Pack 1.0 can improve your mood

These colourful wallpapers feature 10 carefully crafted and uniquely designed, high quality colour waves at a huge 4K resolution for desktop and mobile screens.

I recreated Google’s 2017 Pixel Live Earth wallpapers with Ai, and they are ”Stunning Earth” Beach Wallpaper Pack 1.0

These "Stunning Earth" wallpapers, as I’ve come to call them, feature 25+ wallpapers at a huge 4K resolution. Each wallpaper has been carefully crafted by Ai and is perfect for both desktop and mobile.

You’re only as good as your ChatGPT Prompts – Here’s 1000+ of them to 10x your output!

Now you have no reason not to be awesome… Get these 1000+ ChatGPT Prompts to 10x your Queries and Commands so your Results speak for themselves. Always remember that the Quality of the Chatbot’s response is only as good as the Quality of your Prompts.

Finally an e-commerce template for Carrd that actually works

Carrd users have long bemoaned the platforms limited eCommerce functionalities, but that may soon be over.

Anyone can be a writer – Here’s the fastest path using Canva

Canva isn't only for designing flyers and Instagram posts, it's feature-rich with the tools for designing and typesetting your next best seller.

Every business needs a great website, and I have a template for that

Your Business deserves a great first website, and now you can build one in Carrd with this template

How to get your Resume / CV noticed by recruiters for what you’re Worth

The Magic Resume eBook : Arm yourself with the action words proven to work recruiters into noticing your resume!

There’s no doubt that this book I want to write is worth waiting for

Deep down in the cortex of my faculties is this evolving image of an ideal society, its institutions, its culture, even how its road networks and drainage is planned. This book is my best effort at poking your thinking so you can visualise the same too.

Copywriting can change your life and your earnings! Don’t sleep on it

Stop Dreaming Start Earning eBook : Transform your life and start earning off your writing with this underrated skill —copywriting