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Suicides or Mass Shootings: My Gleanings From What Japan’s Approach Says About The Way Private Arms Laws Should Be Instituted – Especially in the US
As workplace staff diversity increases, so must workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts. This DEI Handbook seeks to answer the question “Why is DEI important?”
I love adventure and the experience of new airports. So I created these Airport Terminal Desktop Wallpapers in black & white to relive every moment all over again.
The enviable paychecks, the international field trips, the diplomatic status – yes! this is a list of the top 30 international organisations and a link to get in.
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You’re already ranting about AI taking your jobs? Then nothing’s prepared you for RewindAi – this thing wants to take your entire life!
Five Foundational Principles for Business Success – Insights from Seasoned Industry Leaders across various Disciplines
Because value is more important than price; business schools should teach that sales and not knowledge is truly the new superpower for business people
Writing at scale is a creative endeavour – a mix of product management, branding, and inspiration. So having the right tool stack is your best bet at staying consistent